Source string

Key English State
url_copied_to_cb Failed to open to in browser
URL copied, manually paste the URL in browser
more_question More?
media_tut_1 Tap here to reload with new content. Use it as many times as you want.
donate_to_view_notes Donate to view and create unlimited notes
non_donation_limited_notes Non donation version is limited to 10 notes only
nothing_here Nothing here
create_note Create note
error_deleting_entry Error deleting entry
confirm_delete Confirm Delete
please_wait_deleting Please wait, deleting previous entry
refresh_entries Refresh entries
last_active Last active
my_devices My Devices
this_device This device
added_on Added on
unnamed_device Unnamed device
device_removed Device removed
name_changed Name changed successfully
device_name_same Device name same as before
no_device_error No device present, please sign-out and sign-in again to add your device or contact us
link_purchase Link purchase
cannot_find_purchase Cannot find purchase on this device. Restart the device if you have already purchased. Also make sure the google account you made purchase with is the primary account on this device. If you are using multiple google accounts or if you are having trouble with linking your purchase please contact us.
purchase_not_linked You have not linked your purchase to your Rewire Companion account. It is highly recommended that you link your purchase. It will allow you to access the donation features of the app on any device freely.
purchase_linked Your purchase is already linked to your Rewire Companion account
purchase_link_success Purchase successfully linked
purchase_already_linked Purchase already linked to another Rewire Companion account
invalid_purchase_data Invalid purchase data
failed_to_get_purchase Error : Failed to get purchase
notifications Notifications
sign_in_view_notifications Please sign-in to view notifications
notification_action_unsupported Action not supported, please update the app from the play store
Key English State
to_go to go
token_expired_sign_in Token expired, try signing in again
too_many_attempts Too many attempts, please try again later
top Top
total_relapses Total Relapses
translation_community Translation community
translation_summary Help translate Rewire Companion in your language
triggering_erotic_content Triggering/Erotic content
try_again Try again
turn_off Turn off
turn_on Turn on
two_weeks_ago 2 weeks ago
unable_to_update_codes Unable to update sharing codes
undefeated Undefeated!
unknown_error An unknown error occurred :( Please try again later
unnamed_device Unnamed device
update_post Update Post
updating_status Updating status…
urge_exclamation Urge!
urge_still_not_gone Urge still not gone? Go for another round!
url_copied_to_cb Failed to open to in browser
URL copied, manually paste the URL in browser
user_has_donated User has donated
username_contain_invalid_char Username contains invalid characters
username_or_email_present Username/Email present
username_sent Your username has been sent to your email
using_default_music Using default music
verification_instruction Tap on the 3 dot icon(…) associated with this row to copy your companion's sharing code .
Then select the 3 dot colored circular icon and tap on add companion, paste the sharing code and click add.
verification_key_sent_to_email Verification key has been sent to your email
Please verify your email and sign in
verification_link_sent Verification link sent
verification_req Re-verification required


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