Key English Arabic State
disabled Disabled تعطيل
home Home الصفحة الرئيسية
action_settings Settings الاعدادات
delete Delete حذف
edit Edit تعديل
help Help مساعدة
loading Loading تحميل
counter Counter عداد الوقت
badges Badges الشارات
motivation Motivation التحفيز
help_exclaimation Help! مساعدة عاجلة!
relapses Relapses الانتكاس
journal Journal الصحيفة
reminders Reminders المنبه
share Share مشاركة
donate Donate تبرع
done Done تم
share_quote Share quote مشاركة الاقتباس
like_it_rate_it Like it? Rate it! Your opinion matters هل اعجبك التطبيق؟ رجاء قم بتقييمه! رأيك يهمنا
share_app_mail Hey! Check out 'Rewire Companion'. The best app to help you get rid of your porn addiction. مرحبا! برنامج Rewire companion هو افضل تطبيق للتخلص من إدمان الإباحية.
share_app Share app شارك التطبيق
view_quote View Quote شاهد الاقتباس
statistics Statistics احصائيات
follow_on_instagram Follow on Instagram تابعنا على انستجرام
forum Forum حوارات
about_surveys About surveys عن الدراسات
survey_info Complete a small survey and unlock all features of the app for 5 days. This way you can get complete experience of the app and we can get a tiny bit of revenue :) اكمل فحص واحدا وتمتع بخدمات التطبيق الكاملة لمدة ٥ ايام! بهذه الطريقة يمكنك ان تختبر التطبيق بشكله الكامل وبالمقابل نحصل نحن عى مردود بسيط
continue_text Continue تابع
never_show_again Never show again لا تظهر مرة اخرى
survey_dialog_disabled Survey disabled, you can enable it again from the settings. تم تعطيل الاستبيانات، يمكنك اظهاراها من الاعدادات.
profile Profile الملف الشخصي
Key English Arabic State
day_tue Tue ثلاثاء
day_wed Wed أربعاء
days Days ايام
days_per_relapse Days / Relapse أيام / إنتكاسة
days_to_go Days to go تبقى ايام للمضي
defender Defender مدافع
delete Delete حذف
descending Descending تنازلي
device_name_same Device name same as before اسم الجهاز نفسه من قبل
device_removed Device removed تمت إزالة الجهاز
disabled Disabled تعطيل
display_days Display days
display_hours Display hours
do_not_act Don't act upon it لا تتصرف بناءً على هذا
don_t_have_an_account_create_one Don't have an account? Create one! ليس لديك حساب؟ أنشئ واحداً!
donate Donate تبرع
donate_ads_info We don't need to say much here
donate_amount_feature_info Donating any amount will unlock all the features mentioned above التبرع بأي مبلغ يتيح التمتع بالإمكانيات المذكورة أعلاه
donate_bookmark_info Bookmark/Save as many posts you want to, no limits!
donate_bookmark_title Create unlimited bookmarks
donate_journal_info Write them when you relapse, read them when you have urges! أكتبهم حين تنتكس، إقرأهم حين تشعر بالرغبة في ممارسة العادة!
donate_journal_title Create unlimited notes أكتب ملاحظات لا نهائية
donate_logs_info Logs of all your relapses will be available to you, old school way سجلّ الإنتكاسات سيكون متاحا لك، حسب الطريقة القديمة.
donate_resource_info Building an app is very resource intensive, your contributions helps us to pay for the server maintenance costs along with driving us to keep innovating and improving the app
donate_resource_title Helping us improve the app
donate_review_1 It helped me track down my habit and tracking it down made me less willing to do it. Some of the in-app features like relapse stats and badges helped me stay motivated
donate_review_2 Does everything a person needs to kick a bad habit. Very nice app!
donate_review_3 THE ABSOLUTE BEST
donate_review_4 Love this app, will be using every day. Donated immediately after realizing the amount of useful features. This is a must have for any male trying to reach self-actualization.
donate_review_5 An excellent app - Thanks for creating this app for such a good cause. Little things can be all you need to resist temptation. It's such a shame that I and many men (and women) have become addicted to this filth, but with a little support we can all overcome it and become the best versions of ourselves.


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