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donate_journal_info Write them when you relapse, read them when you have urges! أكتبهم حين تنتكس، إقرأهم حين تشعر بالرغبة في ممارسة العادة!
donate_journal_title Create unlimited notes أكتب ملاحظات لا نهائية
donate_widget_info Counter on your homescreen will remind you of your awesome streak
widgets_unlocked Widgets unlocked
donate_stats_info Relapse data collected overtime will show your true relapse patterns, tells most susceptible time of relapse, and cool charts
donate_stats_title Vastly better relapse statistics
donate_ads_info We don't need to say much here
removed_ads Removed ads
donate_resource_info Building an app is very resource intensive, your contributions helps us to pay for the server maintenance costs along with driving us to keep innovating and improving the app
donate_resource_title Helping us improve the app
donate_bookmark_title Create unlimited bookmarks
donate_bookmark_info Bookmark/Save as many posts you want to, no limits!
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what_users_are_saying What users are saying
donate_review_1 It helped me track down my habit and tracking it down made me less willing to do it. Some of the in-app features like relapse stats and badges helped me stay motivated
donate_review_2 Does everything a person needs to kick a bad habit. Very nice app!
donate_review_3 THE ABSOLUTE BEST
donate_review_4 Love this app, will be using every day. Donated immediately after realizing the amount of useful features. This is a must have for any male trying to reach self-actualization.
donate_review_5 An excellent app - Thanks for creating this app for such a good cause. Little things can be all you need to resist temptation. It's such a shame that I and many men (and women) have become addicted to this filth, but with a little support we can all overcome it and become the best versions of ourselves.
set_theme Set Theme
theme_donation_only This theme is only available after donation
color_cobalt Cobalt
color_deep_orchid Deep Orchid
color_cherry Cherry
color_himalaya Himalaya
dark_mode Dark Mode
lush Lush
sunset Sunset
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Key English Arabic State
verification_key_sent_to_email Verification key has been sent to your email
Please verify your email and sign in
تمّ إرسال مفتاح التأكد إلى بريدك الإلكتروني

الرجاء التثبت من بريدك الإلكتروني و تسجيل الدخول
verification_link_sent Verification link sent تم إرسال رابط التحقق
verification_req Re-verification required اعادة التحقيق مطلوبة
verifying Verifying تاكيد
very_large Very Large كبير جدا
victorious Victorious! منتصر!
view_note View note اظهر الملاحظات
view_posts View posts إظهار المنشورات
view_quote View Quote شاهد الاقتباس
view_unlimited_relapses View unlimited relapses
vip VIP شخصية مهمة
wallpaper_permission_request Get current wallpaper for better preview?
warning Warning تحذير
watch_it_fade And watch it fade away و شاهدها تتلاشى
week Week اسبوع
what_users_are_saying What users are saying
what_would_you_like_to_do What would you like to do? ماذا تريد أن تفعل
widget_preview Widget Preview
widgets_unlocked Widgets unlocked
wise Wise حكيم
write_few_more_words Please write a few more words in the body
write_your_thoughts Write your thoughts…
wrong_password Wrong password كلمة السر خاطئة
year year سنة
year_capital Year سنة
years years سنوات
yes Yes نعم
you_have You have أنت لديك
your_sharing_code Your sharing code رمز المشاركة


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